Mayor Hancock Applauds Governor’s Call for Special Session

Mayor Hancock Applauds Governor’s Call for Special Session

DENVER – Mayor Michael B. Hancock today issued the following statement regarding Gov. John Hickenlooper’s call for a special session in the state legislature:

“I applaud the Governor for taking bold action to break down the political paralysis in the state legislature. The people of Colorado expect more than political maneuvering from their elected leaders and a special session will help ensure due consideration of the Colorado Civil Unions Act.

“I want recognize the state legislators who had the courage and candor to put basic rights ahead of partisan politics. We deserve leaders like you, leaders who will stand and fight for equal rights for all. I encourage you to stay the course and advance this critical legislation supported by an overwhelming majority of Coloradans.

“The residents of Denver and the great state of Colorado are people of progress and pride. This bill will provide long-overdue legal rights to committed couples currently excluded from the same benefits and protections provided to their fellow citizens.

“I also want to commend President Obama for clearly declaring his support for same-sex marriage today. The march towards equality and justice for every American continues unabated. It is time our laws reflect our values. Whether it is tomorrow, next week or next year, equal rights for all will prevail.”

Posted on May 09, 2012 (Archive on Jun 09, 2012)
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