The hiring process for police jobs is administered by the Civil Service Commission which screens applicants for qualifications, conducts background investigations, and facilitates testing.

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Lateral Applications (In & Out of State):
App. Period: Nov 17 - Dec 19, 2014
Test Period: Jan 26 - Jan 30, 2015      

Entry Level:
App. Period: Jan 21 - March 26, 2015
Test Period: Dates in March - click here

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Lateral Officers:
25 - June 2015

Entry Level Officers:
50 - Aug. 2015
50 - Dec. 2015

The Department of Safety is an equal opportunity employer. Our recruitment efforts are committed to ensuring diversity and inclusion within the department. 

Pay and benefits for Denver Police Officers, Firefighters, and Deputy Sheriffs is determined by collective bargaining agreements between the City and County of Denver and local union officials. Generally, collective bargaining agreements are established for three year increments. The right to collective bargaining is granted by city charter for police officer, firefighter, and deputy sheriff employees.

Physical Fitness

Download the DPD Physical Ability Test Video 

Establishing and maintaining a regular nutrition and fitness plan are essential elements for a long and successful career in public safety. The physical demands of law enforcement and fire service jobs are real. You may be called upon to move an accident victim to safety, subdue a violent criminal, climb flights of stairs to render first aide, or several other scenarios during your career.

The overall stress of a career in public safety is also very real. After consulting with your doctor, consider a regular fitness and nutrition program as part of your daily lifestyle. The links provided on this web page are just a few of the many options available to learn more about healthy living. 

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Existing Applicants

Police officer and firefighter job applicants can check the status of their applications online.