2012 Strategic Goals

Denver American Indian Commission

2012 Strategic Goals




Mission Statement

The Mission of the Denver American Indian Commission is to enhance present and future communications between the Denver American Indian Community and the City and County of Denver, to advocate for social and cultural awareness and to promote economic and political equality.



Strategic Goals

To increase the visibility and awareness of American Indians in the Denver metro area by improving the American Indian quality of life and promoting positive concepts of American Indian heritage and culture.



 #1: Continue building a positive relationship with the Denver Police Department.

Action Item:  (All)

  • Attend the Town Hall Discussion (February 29th)
  • Invite the New Chief of Police Robert White to a commission meeting.

#2: Strategize about American Indian Recidivism Statistics.

Action Item:  (Public Safety Committee)

  • Attend Meeting on March 27, 2012 with Denver Manager of Safety, Denver Crime Prevention & Control Commission.

#3: American Indian Adoption & Foster Care in Denver

Action Item:  (Health Committee)

  • Strategize on how to work with other organizations around the issue.  Ie: Casey Programs.
  • Bring awareness of the statistics surrounding child welfare.
  • Revisit Senator Suzanne Williams’ bill from 2007, and connect with the Senator on the issue.

#4: Developing our Communication Strategy

Action Item: (Public Relations Committee)

  • Develop Social Media for the commission
  • Develop a logo for the commission
  • Update Brochure with new logo and statistics

#5:  Build & Strengthen & Showcase local American Indian Artisans.

Action Items: (Art Committee)

  • Assist Rose with Red Rocks art shows (dates to be determined)
  • Decide on how many shows to take on this year.
  • Find sponsors for the art shows.

#6:  Continue Support for Skate For Life Event

Action Items: (All )

  • Volunteer at the event on Saturday, July 14, 2012.
  • Connect with local schools and have students volunteer for skate event, giving them service learning opportunities.

#7: Assist with American Indian Health Council & Bring Awareness of Health Issues facing American Indians in Colorado

Action Item: (Health Committee)

  • Support local organizations around health goals and Issues.

#8: Indigenous Film Festival @ Crossroads

Action Items: (All )

  • Continue relationship with International Institute for Indigenous Resource Management
  • Hold monthly film screenings with Q&A discussions
  • Assist with Indigenous Film & Arts Festival (October 2nd to 7th)

#9: Support Senate Bill 057- Concerning Native American Language.

Action Items: (All )

  • Develop Letter of Support from Commission

#10: Co-Sponsor Pathways to Respecting American Indian Civil Rights: Education, Health, Nutrition, Justice, Employment, Housing and Other Services

Action Items: (All)

  • Participate in planning and attend conference on Auraria Campus (August 8th and 9th)




Why are they Issues


All the issues are due to the historical and unique relationship that the American Indian community has had with city/state governments, the lack of positive visibility and lack of representation in all aspects of planning/development. The need for centralized data/information and the dire need for advocacy on all fronts.


How Other Commissions can Help

The DAIC believes that all these issues are relevant on some level to ALL the various commissions and recognizes the opportunity to present a unified front on many if not all of these issues.

The work will be ongoing and the DAIC is very excited to be working with such a diverse and well-balanced group.