Healthy Food Retail

Denver FRESH:   Food Retail Expansion to Support Health

Denver FRESH is a City and County of Denver program designed to expand grocery stores in underserved areas. “Underserved areas” are those that are further away from full service grocery stores than other neighborhoods, and have lower than average incomes and vehicle ownership as well.  These are areas most in need of food stores that offer a full range of nutritious, healthy, affordable food.

Denver FRESH assists grocery retailers by providing a range of tools and resources to open or expand their stores in order to increase access to healthy, nutritious affordable food. Because healthy food access is such a comprehensive subject with far-reaching implications, Denver FRESH is a collaborative project of the Denver Office of Economic Development (OED) and the Denver Office of Environmental Health (EHO).

Many Denver neighborhoods lack close and convenient access to grocery stores. The resulting lack of nutritious, affordable fresh food has been linked to poor health outcomes, including heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Low-income areas are especially underserved by full-service grocery stores.

Access to healthy, affordable food is part of Denver’s larger economic development, health improvement and sustainability goals. Grocery retail development not only promotes better health but also offers economic benefits by bringing dollars and jobs to our neediest neighborhoods.

Denver FRESH Program Goals are:

  • Support the development of both new and existing grocery stores and other retailers selling nutritious food in Denver
  • Promote the health of all Denver residents, particularly children, against obesity and diet-related illnesses
  • Ensure that all Denver residents live in areas that provide access to healthy, affordable food

We are committed to supporting healthy food retail expansion for not only the health benefits, but for the revitalization of communities.

Denver FRESH is open for business! Contact our retail specialist, Eric Swan, at or 720-913-1702 to learn more about how Denver can help you, the community’s next healthy food retailer, build a healthy business  . . . while also supporting our community-wide goals of better health through improved healthy food access.


OED has designated a single point of contact to work with both new and existing healthy food retailers. Contact our retail specialist, Eric Swan, at or 720-913-1702.