SBE Defined Selection Pool

The Denver Office of Economic Development’s Division of Small Business Opportunity (DSBO) is offering a program to certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) companies to bid and compete as prime contractors on City construction and professional design contracts.

Through the Defined Selection Pool Program, a portion of the City’s construction and professional design contracts are designated for exclusive bidding by SBEs. City entities that have reserved projects under the defined selection pool include Public Works, Denver International Airport, General Services, Parks and Recreation and Environmental Health.

As defined in Article VII, Section 28-204 of the Denver Revised Municipal Code (D.R.M.C.), the Defined Selection Pool is defined as a contract or concession agreement which is determined by the Director to be appropriate for restriction of the selection of the contractor, consultant or concessionaire and, as applicable, subcontractors, subconsultants and suppliers on such contract or concession agreement to the pool of certified SBE.

Please be aware, some projects under the Defined Selection Pool Program will require additional SBE participation. If additional SBE participation is assigned the project, the percentage amount can be found in the Invitation to Bid advertisement and in IB-28 of the Bid document or in the proposal.

Defined Selection Pool Program - Basic Information
  • Award of the project will be strictly limited to currently certified SBE bidders/joint venturers. 
  • SBE certification from the City and County of Denver shall be a condition of responsiveness and award will only be made to the lowest, responsive qualified SBE bidder.
  • Additional SBE participation may be a requirement of the project, if additional SBE participation has been placed on the project, the defined pool prime contractor must meet this requirement only with certified SBE subcontractors, suppliers and other participants as set forth in Section 28-209 and 28-210, D.R.M.C. This requirement is described in the bid document or proposal.
  • An SBE bidder cannot meet the additional SBE participation requirement through self performance.
  • There is no provision for Good Faith in the Defined Selection Pool program; therefore, if applicable, additional SBE participation on the project must be met. 
  • A Letter of Intent must be submitted to DSBO for the SBE Prime Contractor and each SBE firm identified in the bid document or proposal (if additional SBE participation is placed on the project) or SBE members of a Joint Venture. 
  • Training on how to complete required forms may be provided upon request by the Prevailing Wage section of the Auditor’s Office and DSBO to any SBE who has not performed on a project as a Prime Contractor.