Licenses and Inspections

If you are new to the food retail industry or expanding your existing retail operation to include more food, we are ready to help provide advice and guidance through the regulatory requirements that apply to Denver’s approximately 5,000 food businesses, including restaurants, bars, convenience stores, bakeries, dairies, grocery stores, and health care and residential community facilities that include dining.

For example:

The Denver Business Licensing Center issues five classes of retail food licenses.  Food retail licenses are required for retailers that store, prepare, package or provide food for sale, on or off premises.

The Food Safety Program is designed to reduce the incidence of food-borne disease, commonly called food poisoning, through inspection of food businesses, education of those working with food, investigation of complaints, enforcement of regulations that affect the safety of food, and education of consumers about food safety.

We’re here to guide you with whatever your project will require. Our goal is to ensure your success as the owner of a healthy food retail business!