Housing FAQs

If You're Interested in Purchasing an Affordable Home...

Who may apply for this program?

Do I have to be a first-time home buyer?

Where can I find information on available housing units?

Do I have to attend a homeownership education class to qualify for this program?

What are the income limits for the program? 

My income exceeds income limits, can an exception be made?

My spouse will not be on the loan and/or doesn't work; can I submit an application with only my information? 

How long can I expect my application to take process? 

What must be included with the application? 

The Four Most Common Application Omissions include: 

How long is my income-verification valid? 

I was income-verified over nine months ago but did not purchase an affordable unit home. Do you still have my file? 

I do not have a job; can I still apply?

I am self-employed, what will you accept in the place of a pay stub? 

I lost last year's tax return - do you really need it? 

My last tax return shows more income than I now make. Will this affect my eligibility for the program?

I just arrived in the U.S. and have never filed taxes. What do I need instead of tax returns? 

I have a relative who will be co-signing my mortgage loan but will not live in the home I am purchasing. Will my co-signer have to be income-verified as well?

I am receiving a gift from a relative for downpayment assistance and closing costs. What do I do?

Do you provide financing on my home?

Is this a subsidized program? 

How about seller-assisted down-payment assistance? 

Is moderately priced housing the same as low income housing?

My income is below $25,000; where can I find a place to live in Denver? 

This is an emergency - can you find me a place to live right now?