Help For Renters

The Office of Economic Development offers a variety of referrals and resources for future renters, housing developers and current renters.
Find a Rental provides a listing of available affordable rental opportunities throughout the entire state.
Rental Payment Assistance
The following agencies administer programs to assist with monthly rent and/or security deposits:
  • Denver Department of Human Services 720.944.3666
  • Denver Housing Authority -- for information about Section 8 rental subsidy programs, call 720-932-3030.
Tenant and Landlord Issues

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Maximum Rents for Affordable Housing

Based on our Area Median Income (AMI) levels, there are limits on what affordable properties can be rented for, adjusted annually.

Rental Rezone Maximum Rents Form - 2014

Elderly Housing Assistance
Elderly Housing CHOICES provides referrals to lower-income elderly who have special housing needs. The Hotline maintains a list of over 20,000 rentals, including apartments, houses, duplexes, mobile homes, wheelchair accessible units and personal care housing. Elderly Housing CHOICES can be reached at 303.831.4046.

Enter your City, State or ZIP to instantly locate Assisted Living residences, independent living and retirement communities, or nursing care and rehabilitation.

Housing Denver

The City's Strategic Plan for Affordable Housing, 2015-19