New Denver Homebuyer Program Increases Purchasing Power for Qualifying Borrowers

New Denver Homebuyer Program Increases Purchasing Power for Qualifying Borrowers

With a goal of sparking additional private investment in Denver, and to make the American dream of home ownership more easily attainable, the City and County of Denver has launched a new Mortgage Credit Certificate program. The program enables qualifying borrowers to receive an annual federal income tax credit equal to 30 percent of the annual interest paid on their mortgage loan, up to $2,000 annually.

“For many families, home ownership is a primary method of asset building and saving for the future,” said Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock. “We’re providing a financial boost to individuals and families while increasing home ownership opportunities and the overall strength and vitality of Denver neighborhoods.”

A Mortgage Credit Certificate is a tool to reduce the amount of federal income tax a borrower must pay by providing an annual federal income tax credit. This in effect provides additional take-home income for borrowers to use in meeting household expenses. Lenders can use the estimated amount of the credit on a monthly basis as additional income to help a potential borrower qualify for a loan.

The program is available to qualifying borrowers purchasing a residence in the City and County of Denver. Annual family income cannot exceed $79,300 for one or two persons and $91,195 for three or more. The maximum home cost is $370,252. Higher income and purchase price limits are available in targeted areas. Participants cannot have owned a home in the past three years, except in targeted areas and for qualifying veterans.

The previous Mortgage Credit Certificate program, offered from 2009 to 2011, benefitted 126 Denver homebuyers. For Leo Chavez, the program helped him purchase his first home, a Victorian single-family residence, in Denver’s West Colfax neighborhood.

“The MCC program made me consider other areas to buy a house that I didn’t consider before,” said Chavez. “The financial benefits are great, and I have been able to apply the savings to my home improvements. It is a program that loan and real estate professionals need to be knowledgeable about, especially to better serve their clients.”

Potential homebuyers interested in Denver’s Mortgage Credit Certificate program may contact any of the following approved lenders:

Air Academy Federal Credit Union– 719-592-1045

American Liberty Mortgage – 303-458-3778

Bank of America- 720-529-6332; 970-569-3561; 970-818-3031

Citywide Home Loans- 303-996-7000; 866-437-0200

Cornerstone Mortgage – 303-887-9155; 303-957-2484; 303-947-3561

Summit Mortgage Company – 303-779-0591; 303-991-2749; 720-200-9480

The Mortgage Network- 303-394-2121

Universal Lending Corporation 720-524-2679

Uptown Mortgage – 303-839-5262

WR Starkey Mortgage – 720-279-3132; 720-489-0712

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage- 303-980-7686; 720-344-7200

Additional lenders can sign up to participate in the program by contacting Stacy Houston at

Denver enabled this program by using $30 million of Private Activity Bond allocation. The program is available through December 31, 2014, or while funds remain. For more information about the Mortgage Credit Certificate program, visit

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