The Denver Office of Economic Development has a number of studies either done internally, commissioned by the agency, or provided by outside entities. The studies are used by the agency to help guide its workforce, business and housing activities using hard data and statistics.

2015 Plans, Studies & Reports
Draft 2015 Action Plan (Consolidated Plan - HUD Funds)
Draft 2015 Action Plan - Presentation

2014 Plans, Studies & Reports
Housing Denver

Welton Street Corridor Market Analysis
JumpStart 2014
Burgess Services Report

2013 Plans, Studies & Reports

Division of Small Business Opportunity, Annual Report 2013
Draft 2013 Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report
2013 OED Annual Report
Industry Occupational Analysis - 2013
Draft Action Plan - 2014
Draft Action Plan Public Meeting - Slides
Draft Action Plan Public Meeting - Questions and Answers
Denver Venture Capital Report - 2013
Minority/Women Owned/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Disparity Study
Registered Apprenticeship Study
NSP3 - Quarterly Report, April-June 2013
NSP2 - Quarterly Report, April-June 2013
NSP3 - Quarterly Report, Jan-Mar 2013
NSP2 - Quarterly Report, Jan-Mar 2013
Denver Retail Conditions and Opportunities Study
Smart Jobs: Development
Smart Jobs: Small Business
Final HUD Consolidated Plan & 2013 Action Plan (2013-2017)
JumpStart 2013

2012 Plans, Studies & Reports

JumpStart 2012

2012 Action Plan
Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report, 2012

Draft Programmatic Agreement, Administration of HUD Programs

(Draft stipulations for administration of HUD-funded projects pertaining to historic properties. Document posted for 30-day public review on March 30, 2012.)

NSP1 - Quarterly Report, Jan-Mar 2012
NSP1 - Quarterly Report, April-June 2012
NSP1 - Quarterly Report, Oct-Dec 2012
NSP2 - Public Notice
NSP2 - Quarterly Report, Jan-Mar 2012
NSP2 - Quarterly Report, April-June 2012
NSP2 - Quarterly Report, Oct-Dec 2012
NSP3 - Quarterly Report, Jan-Mar 2012
NSP3 - Quarterly Report, April-June 2012
NSP3 - Quarterly Report, Oct.-Dec 2012

2011 Studies/Reports
Division of Small Business Opportunity, Annual Report 2011
2011 Action Plan
NSP2 - Quarterly Report, Oct-Dec 2011
NSP3 - Quarterly Report, Oct-Dec 2011
Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report, 2011

Neighborhood Stabilization Program - Quarterly Report, July-Sept. 2011
Draft of CAPER, Program Year 2007
2007 Denver Regional Workforce Gap Analysis
Action Plan 2007
Action Plan 2007--Emergency Shelter Grant Projects

2006 Studies/Reports
CAPER, Program Year 2006 (part 1)
CAPER, Program Year 2006 (part 2)
Denver Disparity Study - 2006
Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy-Policy Recommendations
Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy
Age Matters--a profile of older Denver residents: 2000 and 2005
Consolidated Plan 2003-2007
Denver Housing Market Analysis
Housing and Neighborhood Development Action Plan
Spatial Analysis of Income-Restricted Housing in Denver

2005 Studies/Reports
CAPER, Program Year 2005
Denver Economic Profile
Denver Metro Workforce Gap Analysis
Denver Business Needs Survey & Report 2005

2004 Studies/Reports
Business Retention Study--Executive Summary
Business Retention Study--Full Report
Providing Workforce Housing in Denver