Tomorrow looks a whole lot brighter when you GET YOUR GED!

The GED test, new for 2014, offers adults who left school an opportunity to earn a high school credential. You will be asked to demonstrate major skills in four subject areas--Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, and Mathematics--at a level equivalent to what is gained in a four-year high school education.

With a high school credential, more doors open--to a better job, college, and the respect you deserve. In terms of earning power, it is widely estimated that having a GED can boost your income by more than $10,000 each year.

Start with a free baseline assessment that will help you establish how ready you are for the exam itself. Our assessment is called TABE, the Test for Adult Basic Education. The test will take you about two hours to complete. It measures your skill levels in math, reading and language arts as they would be applied in the workplace and in everyday situations.

When you are ready for the next step of GED preparation and pre-testing, we can refer you to a range of resources in the community.

Call 720-865-5580 or come in to your local Denver Workforce Center and let's get started on the path to your better career and a better tomorrow!

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