Governor's Summer Job Hunt

Each year the Governor’s Summer Job Hunt provides a vital link between classroom learning and on-the-job experience by matching young people eager to work with great summer employment opportunities. This year, Denver’s Office of Economic Development - Youth Services is hosting a virtual job fair from May 2 – 10, driving large numbers of young people to your online applications.

: Register on to receive information about participating in the Virtual Job Fair.

: Join our Virtual Job Fair to drive quality youth candidates, many of whom have completed job readiness training, to your online postings and applications. In order for your summer job opportunities to be included, please send an email to with the following information by April 18th:

1. Your company logo
2. A short paragraph about the company
3. The URL for your company’s jobs page

You are also welcome to include an optional presentation (live or recorded), in which case we would also need:  

1. The video or powerpoint for presentation
2. The name and email of person(s) presenting
3. If presenting live, the date and time of your presentation