Denver Workforce Development has identified three key business sectors where our focus is most needed to close the skills gap--that is, a deficit in the education and talent of our local workforce that is a frustrating barrier for area employers. Our first three industries for special focus are health care, information technology, and manufacturing.

Although Denver's workforce of approximately 325,000 adults is rated the second most highly educated in the country, employers in certain key industries tell us in industry forums that the skills gap hinders our ongoing economic growth. In particular, Denver's health care and manufacturing industries need individuals with math and critical thinking skills to fill entry-level positions. Our strategic approach is designed to provide job-seekers with resources to improve their reading, writing, and math skills; achieve their high school diploma or equivalent; and obtain training and/or certification in order to meet hiring needs for both entry-level and middle-skill jobs.

Here is our initial installment of comprehensive workforce development resources for both job-seekers and employers in these three critical industries. We expect to add additional industries over time.

Health Care
Information Technology