Denver WIB's Denver Workforce Investment Act & Wagner-Peyser Local Plan for Program Year 2013

Denver Program Year 2012 Annual Report to the Colorado Workforce Development Council

2011 Action Plan - The Denver Workforce Investment Board has refined its vision and mission and has adopted a set of actions items to: 1) Build business and community partnerships; 2) Market the workforce development system; 3) Advocate workforce system improvements; and, 4) Revitalize established and pursue new partnerships for youth activities.
    VISION---To be a nationally recognized, business driven workforce solution that supports the economic vitality and sustainability of Colorado and the metro Denver region.
    MISSION---To engage in activities and partnerships that support a business driven workforce development system that supports success for business and the workforce in Colorado and the metro Denver region by providing a well-trained, skilled, competitive local workforce that meets the needs of local businesses.

2009 Action Plan - The Denver Workforce Investment Board's action items to accomplish the goals of the Strategic Plan and carry out the mission and vision of the Board.

2006 Action Plan - The Denver Workforce Investment Board's 2006 action items to accomplish the goals of the Strategic Plan.

2004 Strategic Plan - In early 2004, the Denver Workforce Investment Board (DWIB) launched a strategic planning effort that focused on creating a blueprint for a highly effective workforce development system--one that fully meets the needs of businesses in the region and delivers a highly skilled, productive and job-ready workforce.  During this process, the DWIB reiterated its commitment to two key roles:  Workforce Policy Development and Partnership Formation.  The Board has defined its vision and mission statements as follows:
  • VISION---To be a nationally recognized, market-driven workforce development system that attracts and retains businesses while supporting its workforce.
  • MISSION---To deliver workforce development services through partnerships and initiatives addressing the economic health of the region.
  • Operating Procedures - The Operating Procedures have been adopted by the Denver Workforce Investment Board as the operating rules for conducting its business.

     David Ford, Workforce Board Liaison, at 720-913-1669 or


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