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This week officially marked the end of summer and in just a few short months the chill of winter will impact many communities across the country.

A new video, When the Sky Turns Gray, asks, “how prepared, or unprepared, are you for winter storms?” The 90-second animation gives an introduction on what to do before, during and after a winter storm strikes. If winter storms are a common local hazard for you, we encourage you to take the protective actions outlined in the video.

This video also complements the new How to Prepare for Winter Storms guide available on the America’s PrepareAthon! website. This guide, paired with When the Sky Turns Gray, will help you:

Learn about winter storms;

Know the correct actions to take to prepare and how to practice them; and

Get your community involved through a local National PrepareAthon! Day

Please share these helpful materials through your communication channels. In addition, take time, September 30—National PrepareAthon! Day, to do a preparedness action before a disaster impacts you.  Looking for preparedness actions? Use the America’s PrepareAthon! guides that are available on the PrepareAthon website.  

DENVER, CO ­— A Denver volunteer, David E Cook. with the Citizen Emergency Response Team has received an Honorable Mention as part of FEMA’s 2014 Community Preparedness winners.

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