Independent Monitor Releases 2013 Semiannual Report

Independent Monitor Releases 2013 Semiannual Report

Today, the Office of the Independent Monitor (“OIM”) released its 2013 Semiannual Report on police and sheriff discipline.  Established in 2005, the OIM provides independent civilian oversight of the Denver Police and Sheriff Departments (“DPD” and “DSD,” respectively).  The OIM is led by Independent Monitor Nicholas E. Mitchell, and advised by a seven-member Citizen Oversight Board ("COB").   

The 2013 semiannual report provides an overview of the complaints received, closed and monitored by the OIM during the first half of 2013.  It also discusses the DSD’s recent “Triple Crown” accreditation by three accrediting bodies.  “I commend the men and women of the Denver Sheriff Department for this significant accomplishment,” said Independent Monitor Nicholas E. Mitchell. 

Read the full press release
Read the full 2013 Semiannual Report.

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