Past Events

Public Open House #3

The Third public open house for the SPP was held on April 28, 2010.

Public Open House #2
The second public open house for the SPP was held on April 14, 2009. 
View the presentation (pdf, 3 MB),  information display boards (pdf, 13MB) and meeting minutes (pdf, 1MB)

Public Open House #1
The first public open house for the SPP was held on November 6, 2008. 
View the presentation (pdf, 2.5 MB), information display boards (pdf, 1 MB), and meeting minutes (pdf, 1 MB).  

National Parking Management Best Practices Event
On Thursday, August 14, 2008, the Mayor's Parking Commission hosted a community conversation with two of the nation's leading experts on parking management best practices, Joe Kott (with Wilbur Smith Associates) and Jeff Tumlin (with Nelson-Nygaard).  After informative presentations, a panel of local interests conducted a question and answer session with the speakers.  The panelists included:
  • Rich Maginn (former president of Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation and current member of INC's Transportation Committee)
  • Dianne Fresquez (Denver Business District Alliance - Berkley-Tennyson Shopping District)
  • John Desmond (Downtown Denver Partnership)
  • Monica Strobel (Transportation Solutions). 
If you missed it, the entire presentation was recorded by Channel 8 and is now available.
Jeff Tumlin
A principal with Nelson\Nygaard, Tumlin is an expert in multi-modal transportation planning, with an emphasis in minimizing the impacts of growth. He has managed four dozen transit-oriented development station area plans throughout the U.S. and Canada, is an expert in parking management strategies, and has helped to identify the most cost-effective mix of investments in new parking, improved parking management and transportation alternatives to meet local access and quality of life goals.  Download Jeff's presentation (pdf, 5.4 MB).
Joe Kott
Kott, senior transportation projects manager with Wilbur Smith, is an expert in public policy, transit and transportation planning.  Formerly chief transportation official for the City of Palo Alto, Calif., Kott is also a former principal at Nelson/Nygaard. He is currently completing a doctoral dissertation through the Institute for Sustainability and Technology Policy at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia.   Download Joe Kott's presentation (pdf, 1.5 MB).
Mayor's Parking Commission
The Mayor’s Parking Commission is a 22-member advisory panel appointed by the mayor to provide citizen review of existing and proposed parking policies, regulatory tools and management practices; monitor parking issues and introduce new strategies for discussion; and provide a forum for citizen participation on parking issues.