Strategic Parking Plan

In an effort to implement the goals of Blueprint Denver, the City’s adopted land use and transportation plan, the City and County of Denver has initiated a comprehensive review of the City’s parking system, with a special emphasis on parking regulation and management practices. The Strategic Parking Plan will develop a framework for managing parking in Denver, recognizing the needs of drivers, pedestrians, business owners, and residents of Denver neighborhoods.

The plan will evaluate the applicability of innovative parking management strategies from other cities, recommend best practices for zoning requirements and design standards, and suggest new approaches to organizing partnerships and financing.

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Please get involved by telling us what you think about Parking in Denver.  Use this link to take the Strategic Parking Plan Questionnaire.  Thank you!

Parking Information

Need information about Denver’s current parking regulations and requirements? Follow this link to the Current Zoning Code.

Want to pay a ticket or sign up for email notification about street sweeping days?  Go to Know Parking, an information resource for parking in Denver.