Picnic Permits are issued for a private gathering at any of 60 metro or 11 mountain parks picnic sites.  Denver park picnic sites are ideal for family occasions, corporate picnics, or any other invitation-only function.

Site capacities vary from 25 to 150 people for picnic sites and shelters in the City; 25-300 people for the Denver Mountain Parks picnic sites and shelters; however, all groups over 25 people are required to have a permit or to reserve the site for the permit holder’s exclusive use. Insurance is required if the picnic is for more than 100 people.  City sites are $97 for sheltered sites and $51 for non-sheltered sites. For a picnic application and park locations select one of the links below.

Picnic Application | Picnic Sites: Urban Parks | Picnic Sites: Mountain Parks

Park Locations & Permit Fees

Information on picnic permits, fees, capacities and locations are on the Event Permits page.

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