Administrative Leave Pay Code Changes in Kronos

Per Career Service Rule 10 – Paid Leave, administrative (admin) leave is available to be granted to employees by their appointing authorities for the following uses:

  • Alternate Dispute Resolution – To present grievances or appeals to an official of the City or to represent an employee presenting a grievance or an appeal. To participate in the Career Service Mediation Program.
  • Business – To be used due to a business necessity. Usage should not exceed a maximum of ten (10) calendar days per calendar year. The appointing authority may request an extension of up to twenty (20) calendar days from the OHR Executive Director.
  • Exemplary Performance – To reward exemplary performance. The appointing authority may grant, and an employee may use, up to twenty (20) hours of administrative leave per calendar year due to exemplary performance.
  • Career Service Representation – To represent another City employee at meetings with that employee’s supervisor or manager, as set forth in Career Service Rule 15 - Code of Conduct. Usage should not exceed four (4) hours per pay period so long as the use of this leave doesn't adversely affect the representative’s department or agency and has been approved in advance.
  • Position Application – To compete for positions in the Career Service, including all related interviews and examinations.
Effective June 29, 2014, the Controller’s Office, Payroll Division will implement the following changes regarding entering administrative leave on your timecard:
  • Employees will only have the ability to request the use of administrative leave due to exemplary performance. Please visit the Exemplary Performance webpage to learn how to grant an employee exemplary performance leave. 
  • Administrative leave due to business necessity must be submitted to the Payroll Division using a Time and Attendance Change Form from the employee’s supervisor.
  • Any other type of administrative leave must be entered by the employee’s supervisor directly on the timecard. 
  • It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate type and amount of administrative leave has been utilized and that the use has been approved by the appointing authority.
  • The administrative leave pay codes will be updated. Please see the chart below:
Current Administrative Leave Codes New Administrative Leave Codes Effective 6/29/2014 
 Admin Leave ADR ALV Dispute Resolution 
 Admin Leave Business ALV Business 
 Admin Leave CSA Rep ALV CSA Rep 
 Admin Leave Exemp Perf ALV Exemplary Perf 
 Admin Leave Pos App ALV Position App 

If you have further questions visit the Administrative Leave webpage, or contact us

Posted on June 25, 2014 (Archive on August 24, 2014)
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