Controller's Office, Payroll Division
Controller's Office, Payroll Division
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Administrative leave, often referred to as admin leave, is outlined in CS Rule 10: Paid Leave. For tracking and pay purposes, there are five different pay codes available for employees when using administrative leave with the corresponding CS Rule referenced.

  • Admin Leave CSA Rep - CSA Representative: CS 10-67 A.1 and 3
  • Admin Leave ADR - Alternative Dispute Resolution: CS 10-67 A.2
  • Admin Leave Pos App - Position Applications: CS 10-67 B.1
  • Admin Leave Exemp Perf - Exemplary Performance: CS 10-67 B.2
    • For additional information about exemplary performance, such as requesting earned time to be banked or how to request use of your exemplary performance, please continue on to our Exemplary Performance page.
  • Admin Leave Business - Business Necessity: CS 10-67 B.3
    • Admin Leave Business must be requested through Payroll with the appointing authority approval, per CS Rule 10-67 B.3. Please contact Controller's Office, Payroll Division with questions.