Controller's Office, Payroll Division
Controller's Office, Payroll Division
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Kronos Telephone Time Entry (TTE) is a method in which employees can timestamp in and out of their Kronos timecards. TTE can also be used to perform job transfers if an employee works in a different department, for a different supervisor or in a secondary position. Employees who may have access to TTE do not have access to a Kronos Terminal or City PC in order to track their time and attendance. Employees that are out in the “field” during the day and that are unable to punch for lunch periods may also have access to TTE.

To gain access for Kronos Telephone Time Entry (TTE), the Controller's Office, Payroll Division must receive the completed Telephone Time Entry User Agreement. The agreement must include all phone numbers that will be used to dial into the system. The phone numbers that you are authorized to call from must not be from a blocked number. You may unblock your number by dialing *82 before following the TTE directions.

For additional information, please read:

  • Telephone Time Entry Quick Reference Guide

 For a business card template for your TTE use, please print: