Timeclock & Badge Help

Error message "Unknown User" when I badge
Your supervisor must report your badge number found on the back of your City or Kronos badge to PayrollDivision@denvergov.org.
Error message "Unknown Home Employee" when I badge
If this is a timeclock that you are not yet allowed to use, your supervisor must email PayrollDivision@denvergov.org to grant you access to this timeclock. Your supervisor must include in the request:
  • The timeclock location
  • Employee name and employee ID number

My badge has been damaged or is missing and I am unable to clock in at the Kronos time clock
If your badge is damaged or missing, you will have to replace your badge. How you replace your badge depends on its type:
  1. City issued ID from Facilities Management (this has your photo on it) 
  2. Payroll Issued Kronos Badge 
  3. Kronos Badge for DIA employees
  4. Public Works Waste Water ID badges, contact Carlos Guerra at (303)446-3452