Controller's Office, Payroll Division
Controller's Office, Payroll Division
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Once the Controller's Office, Payroll Division has been notified of a separation of a Career Service employee, who was not working in an on-call position, the Payroll Division will mail him/her a separation packet based on the type of separation, his/her years of service, and leave plan: 

  1. Separation other than retirement
    1. Less than 5 years -  in Sick/Vacation Plan
    2. More than 5 years -  in Sick/Vacation Plan
    3. Less than 5 years - in PTO Plan
    4. More than 5 years - in PTO Plan
  2. Retirement
    1. Retirement - in Sick/Vacation Plan
    2. Retirement - in PTO Plan 
  3. DERP Separation Form(s) - Return to DERP office
    1. DERP Contribution Election form – included in the separation packet for unvested employees only  

Please do not save these items on your desktop, but rather refer to this webpage, as it will be updated when necessary. Please contact for assistance.