Kronos Quick Reference Guides for Managers & Supervisors

The following quick reference guides are to help managers and supervisors perform specific actions in Kronos. These quick reference guides can also be found in Kronos under the My Links tab. If you have any questions, please contact the Payroll Division.

Approval Reminders

Never miss an approval deadline by scheduling the dates in your Microsoft Outlook calendar.

Automatic Lunch Cancellation

Some employees have 30- or 60-minute lunch automatically come out of their daily hours worked. It may be necessary to cancel the lunch deduction if the employee works through the break.

Comments and Notes

It may be necessary to add a comment and note to an entry in Kronos for further explanation. These comments and notes can be added to punch times or interval amounts (such as sick used, vacation used, PTO used, etc.)

Compensatory Time Balances

To assist you in reviewing comp time balances in preparation for comp time payouts to take place in accordance with CSA Rule 10: Paid Leave.


When a supervisor or manager is unavailable to reconcile their employees' timecards or to approve/reject leave requests, they have the ability to delegate to another supervisor or manager within their department.

Equipment Differential

Equipment Differential is entered on employees' timecards by the supervisor or manager in accordance with CSA Rule 9: Pay Administration.

Holidays and Exempt Employees

This quick reference outlines options for compensating exempt employees when they are required to work on a holiday.

Mark as Reviewed

Marking as reviewed changes the red box on the timecard to green, it changes the black check mark in reconcile time card to green, and lets you know what you've already reviewed and what still remains.

Mayor's Office Town Halls

In March 2012, Mayor Hancock welcomed employees to attend Employee Town Hall meetins. When an employee attends a town hall, the supervisor or manager must enter this time directly on the employee's timecard.

Mayor's Office Round Tables

In September 2011, Mayor Hancock launched We are All CCDenver. When an employee attends a round table, the supervisor or manager must enter this time directly on the employee's timecard.

Mileage Reimbursement

After reviewing and approving an employee's Bi-Weekly Mileage Summary for Personal Vehicle Usage form, the supervisor or manager should then enter the mileage reimbursement onto the employee's timecard.

Pay Code Definitions

This guide shows the definition of the pay codes in Kronos and how they relate to each employee group. It also shows where the entry takes place, either by the supervisor or manager, or by Citywide Payroll.

Reconciling Timecards

Throughout a pay period, it is necessary to reconcile employees' timecards. This is to ensure time recording accuracy, and to clean up or identify any exceptions that have occurred.


There are many different types of reports in Kronos. The following will help you choose which report to run, how to run the report, and how to run some reports in Microsoft Excel.

Shift Differential

See how to review shift differential earned on an employee's timecard.

Standby Pay

Standby pay must be entered in Kronos by the employee's supervisor or manager following CSA Rule 9.

Time Off Requests

Once you have received a time off request notification in your Outlook Inbox, then what? This step-by-step guide shows you how to approve or reject time off requests after logging on to Kronos.

Transferring Employee's Time

An employee may work a secondary position, for a different supervisor, or within a different department. When this occurs, it may be necessary to transfer the employee's time to the appropriate labor account.

Work and Absence Summary

There are calendars in Kronos that show leave taken by an employee. The leave is color-coded for easy recognition.