A Decade of Achievement

The Denver Police Department, through funding from the Denver Police Foundation, is proud to release “A Decade of Achievement / 2000 – 2010”. This document highlights some of the dynamic work that is occurring in the Denver Police Department. From a world renowned state of the art crime lab to model programs involving domestic violence and victim’s services, this is an agency Denver Citizen’s have a great deal to be proud of!

Often the public and media focus is on the occasional incident which casts the entire Denver Police Department in a negative light. Unfortunately, these incidents are played and replayed until perception becomes the public reality. In 2010, Denver Police Officers responded to over 465,000 police actions resulting in 57,862 arrests and 144,370 citations[i]. In all of the hundreds of thousands of contacts, only one tenth of one percent resulted in a citizen complaint.

In truth, the work being done in the Denver Police Department is worthy of pride and praise.

This report tells the other side of the story.


“From the very dawn of the 21st century to the conclusion of its first decade, the Denver Police Department has become one of the premier police departments in America. All of the accomplishments, innovation, and best practices listed did not happen by accident; nor are they the result of one person’s actions. They are a reflection of hundreds of thousands of hours of talented, committed individuals who work in a culture that expects excellence, and who benefit from leadership where talent is rewarded and employees are provided the environment and opportunity to thrive. As we head into the new decade, this commitment and desire to lead and to emulate the best is as vibrant as ever.”

For the full report please visit: http://www.denvergov.org/Portals/326/documents/DPD_Decade_of_Achievement.pdf

Lieutenant Murray is available for comment or interviews.

[i] Statistics from the Office of the Independent Monitor

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