Officers initiate Thanksgiving meal for District 1 family

Officers initiate Thanksgiving meal for District 1 family

District 1 SCAT (Special Crime Attach Team) 2 Officers Whittenburg #00012, Felsoci #05147, Bloom #05113, and Valdez #06123 are all to be commended for their true community involvement and commitment to the citizens they serve in District 1.

These officers epitomized the definition of community policing by deciding to adopt a District 1 family in need for Thanksgiving. Being fully engaged in their neighborhoods they wished to pay forward their good fortune and encourage strong partnerships and strengthened relationships within the community. With the assistance of a well respected and longstanding District 1 institution named, Servicios de la Raza, they identified a family in need this holiday season.

SCAT Officers Whittenburg, Felsoci, Bloom, and Valdez collected enough money between themselves to provide for a full traditional Thanksgiving meal, beginning with soup and appetizers; included the main course with the customary turkey, and ended with multiple desserts for a full family of (8) people.

These SCAT officers shopped for and delivered the above meal on their own time to Servicios de la Raza which served as a collection point whereby it was ensured that the family received their Thanksgiving meal provided by these officers.

These SCAT officers wished to share good will with their community and begin the process of fostering positive contacts and relationships with the citizens. These acts and gestures will certainly open lines of communication and reestablish the police – community partnerships where each can assist each other in accomplishing our common goal of trust, respect, and safe and healthy environment for all.

The family was extremely grateful for the actions of the above SCAT officers and sent a special thank you card to express their respect and admiration for these special community oriented SCAT officers.

This act by these officers was compassionate and generous and became a catalyst for honest and positive communications and partnerships between police and the community, which follows a basic tenet of community policing. These officers acted in a way that should inspire other officers and for which all should aspire, as public servants.

In addition to the above mentioned acts of selflessness and generosity; the same SCAT officers volunteered their time to respond to the Christmas Crusade for Children administrative offices to assist their employees and other volunteers with collecting, organizing, and packaging donated items for nominated children who would ordinarily go without this Christmas season. These SCAT officers arrived to the location motivated and inspired to assist in any manner possible. Both citizens and officers were equally touched and moved by each other’s actions and this act caused a lasting impression on all involved, not soon to be forgotten.

These types of positive acts generated by the officers of the Denver Police Department; although not routine; occur much more often than the public bears witness or learns of. Officer’s positive actions and simple acts of kindness often go unnoticed or unrecognized by those we serve, unless they are the recipient of one of these virtuous acts. Officers truly make a difference one life at a time and should be acknowledged for such sacrifices.

Posted on January 25, 2012 (Archive on March 25, 2012)
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