2011 annual report on city crime ratings

2011 annual report on city crime ratings

C.Q. Press released their 2011 Annual Report on City Crime Rankings. The City of Denver ranked #10 in the lowest crime with a city of 500,000 (33 cities) or more in population. Download 2011 Annual Report.

The crime rate rankings of the cities and metropolitan areas are calculated using six crime categories including: Murder, Rape, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Burglary, and Motor Vehicle Theft. The rankings are important as they enable leaders to track their communities’ crime trends from one year to the next.

C.Q. Press an imprint of SAGE is a leading publisher. Published annually, City Crime Rankings is a staple resource for researchers, city and law enforcement officials, and the news media that follow trends in crime.

Denver continues to be a safe City, Thanks to the men and women of the Denver Police Department for keeping our city safe.

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