District 2: vehicle theft prevention checkup

District 2: vehicle theft prevention checkup

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) has developed the following theft prevention checkup and we adapted it for Colorado based on our local trends and experience. This checkup is a quick, 3-part questionnaire to help you determine how many layers of protection you need for your vehicle(s).
Total your points below.

What is the population of the city where you live?
250,001 or more 8 points
100,001 to 250,000 6 points
50,001 to 100,000 4 points
10,001 to 50,000 2 points
10,000 or fewer 0 points

Bonus, add 1 point if the city next to yours is in the next higher population bracket than yours.

What type of vehicle do you own?
Sport utility 5 points
Upscale import 5 points
Pick up 4 points
Sports car 4 points
Luxury car 4 points
Passenger van 3 points
Economy 2 points
Station wagon 1 point

How old is your vehicle?
0-5 years 2 points
6-9 years 1 point
10+ years 0 point

Your Score ______?
If you scored 0-6 points Layer 1 Protection Common Sense
If you scored 7-10 points Layer 2 Protection Warning device or increased target
If you scored 11-13 points Layer 3 Protection Use an immobilization device
If you scored 14-15 points Layer 4 Protection Tracking system

Layer 1 Protection – Common sense.
Never leave your keys in your vehicle, lock your doors, close your windows, lon’t leave valuables in view, and don’t hide a key in or on your vehicle for a car prowler to find.

Layer 2 Protection – Warning device or increased target hardening.
Participate in the Colorado Watch Your Car program, use a steering wheel lock, steering column collar, or install an audible alarm. Have your windows etched, use theft deterrent decals, wheel & tire locks.

Layer 3 Protection – Immobilization device.
Kill switch (this is the most effective!), Manufacturer equipped Smart keys, fuse cut-off device, starter/ignition/fuel disablers, and remote starting device (essential for outdoor cars and owners who like them warmed up in the winter).

Layer 4 Protection – Tracking system.
Radio Tracking System used by the police or a GPS device.

Protect your car from break-in’s
Don’t leave valuables in plain view. Thieves break into cars when they can see the prize. Thieves really like purses with checkbooks and credit cards, cellular phones, cash, laptop computers, the garage door opener to your home, firearms, golf equipment and anything else. If you must park your car outside overnight:
•. An alarm can be your best defense. This is because nighttime car prowlers look for the small light that indicates an “active” alarm and they avoid those cars. In a daytime parking lot, however, alarms are much less effective, as people tend to ignore them.

•. Participation in the Colorado Watch Your Car Program is advisable for any vehicle you typically don’t drive during the early morning hours. Thieves avoid these cars as officers can stop them whenever they are being operated between the hours of 1am and 5am.

•. An ignition or starter “kill-switch” is a very inexpensive and a very reliable way to prevent the theft of your car.

Please remember that it is against the law to let your car warm up without someone in it even if you have the car locked or you are keeping an eye on it from inside your home.

Until next month, be safe and report suspicious activity in your neighborhood

Technician Reyes Trujillo
Denver Police
District Two
Community Resource Officer

Source; The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) Colorado Auto Theft Investigators

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