District 2: door to door sales or people with supposed emergencies

District 2: door to door sales or people with supposed emergencies

Things to keep in in mind when dealing with door to door sales people or people with supposed emergencies

Although we usually deal with door to door sales people in the summer we are seeing a trend of more and more people going door to door in need of work or looking for a hand out due to an emergency that has just occurred. We are seeing an increase of incidents where a party will come to your door and give you some sort of story that they need some money as their car has just broken down or a family member is in the hospital. They may even tell you that the family member may be one of your close neighbors. If there is a true emergency, the police can help. If the sales person seems suspicious and does not have a peddler’s license, it is important to contact the police so that we can make sure that they are in compliance with the law. Here are some tips to keep you safe.

  • Always answer the door if someone rings your doorbell, or at least let them know that someone is home. Burglars frequently go door to door ringing doorbells to see if the home owner is home. It is important to make it known that someone is in the house so that you and the house do not become a target of a home invasion.

  • Always keep a barrier between you and the person who is contacting you at home. The best way is through a locked security door. If you do not have a security door speak to the person through the door.

  • Let the person know that if they have an emergency to stay there because you are calling the police to come help them. If they are up to no good there is a high likelihood that they will leave immediately. Still call the Denver Police non-emergency line (720)913-2000 even if they leave, so the police can look for the party in case they are just going to another neighbor’s house. Give the call taker the best description you can, mode of travel, and direction of travel.

  • If someone comes to your door stating that they are with the phone, electrical, cable, etc. company and you did not call them to come to your house have the person stay outside of your home while you call the company that they represent to verify that they are supposed to be there. It is very easy to obtain uniforms and ID cards of reputable businesses and pose as one of their employees as a manner to get into your home.

Posted on February 12, 2012 (Archive on February 03, 2013)
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