Synthetic marijuana, aka "Spice" arrests

Synthetic marijuana, aka "Spice" arrests

Denver Police received a complaint regarding a convenience store (Sun Mart) at 2405 E. Colfax selling synthetic marijuana (aka “Spice”). The store is in very close in proximity to Denver East High School which was cause for additional concerns.

Denver Police concluded a month long investigation into these allegations and on February 22, 2012 a search warrant was executed on the Sun Mart convenience store. The warrant was obtained through information that was based on the business being involved in the illicit sales of synthetic marijuana to the public; including East High School students.

During the search of the property, Detectives seized approximately 6,400 grams (or 12 pounds) of synthetic marijuana (aka “Spice”). In addition, officers seized $36,216.50 in US Currency believed to be directly derived from the illegal sale of synthetic cannabinoids. Vice and Narcotics personnel documented and photographed items of suspected drug paraphernalia to include digital scales, rolling papers and hundreds of varying glass pipes which are utilized on the street to smoke marijuana, crack cocaine and methamphetamine.

The store owner/manager, Maher Awad (09/06/66), and store clerk, Abdelilah Dehry (02/03/55), were arrested for violations of C.R.S. 18-18-406.2(1)(a) Distribution/Sale of Synthetic Cannabinoids.

Lt. Aaron Sanchez from the Vice and Narcotics Bureau will be available to talk to the media regarding this operation at 2:30 p.m. in the Arthur Dill Auditorium at Denver Police Headquarters, 1331 Cherokee Street.
Maher AwadAbdelilah Dehry

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