District 1 officers arrest graffiti taggers

District 1 officers arrest graffiti taggers

On Sunday 02/19/12 at approximately 5:00 pm, SCAT Officers Whittenburg and Felsoci were on routine patrol in the 5100 block of North Federal Blvd when they observed (3) male suspects apparently spray painting the rear of a commercial business located at 5190 North Federal Blvd.

As the officers attempted to make contact with these males, they all fled on foot in different directions attempting to avoid arrest and evade capture. The officers advised dispatch of their location, the suspects physical and clothing descriptions; as well as their last known direction of travel. Ultimately, through the efforts of these SCAT officers and covering District 1 patrol officers; all suspects were arrested and positively identified. All evidence was recovered and photos taken of the suspects as well as the property damage.

Due to the officers keen observations and commitment to duty, the suspects were arrested and will be held accountable for their crime.

Obviously graffiti is unproductive and a quality of life concern that affects the police department and the citizens of the neighborhood. Apprehension of these suspects is very important for maintaining order.

Posted on February 23, 2012 (Archive on June 01, 2012)
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