Bicycle thief arrested

Bicycle thief arrested

Denver Police arrested a man believed to be involved in the theft of several bicycles in downtown Denver and the surrounding neighborhoods. The suspect has been identified as Richard Goodface (DOB 03 /22 /79). Goodface is suspected of stealing high-end bicycles and immediately selling them on Craig’s List. Anyone who purchased a bicycle from Goodface via Craig’s List by calling 720-435-6027, may be in possession of stolen property. Goodface would often give the name “Bear” when responding to potential buyers.

If you believe you are in possession of one of these bicycles, contact the Denver Police by calling 720-913-2000 or take it to the nearest police station.

It is also believed that several bikes were taken from storage lockers or areas that the owner might not realize they are missing. Please check on bicycles that have been in storage during the winter and if you find your bike has been taken please call 720-913-2000 to report the theft.

Posted on March 15, 2012 (Archive on July 01, 2012)
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