Citizens Appreciate Police (CAP) award ceremony April 11th

Citizens Appreciate Police (CAP) award ceremony April 11th

On Wednesday, April 11th, 2012, at 10:30 a.m. Denver Police will be holding a ceremony to honor the extraordinary efforts of three police officers. The event is scheduled to take place at Denver Police Headquarters, 1331 Cherokee Street, Denver, CO 80204, in the auditorium. These officers are being awarded the Citizens Appreciate Police Award (CAP) for their efforts to help a young boy’s dreams come true.

Detective Mike O'Neill, Jr., Detective Joey Perez, and Detective Jay Lopez went above and beyond the call of duty when they volunteered to help terminally ill eight year old Blake Appleton see his wish come true. His wish was to meet Denver Bronco Quarterback Tim Tebow. Blake, a Florida native, was diagnosed with brain cancer and given less than six months left to live. On New Year’s Day these officers volunteered their time to escort Blake and his family to the Bronco’s game. Throughout the day, the officers stayed by the boy’s side and at one point carried him up four levels because he was too weak to do so himself. The companionship and safety these officers provided is simply beyond words.

The CAP organization was formed in 1978 to recognize the exemplary duties of Denver Police Officers. The non-profit CAP board, consisting of 15 citizen volunteers, meets four times a year to review nominations and present awards to deserving officers. Nominations can be submitted by any citizen through a letter to the Chief of Police at 1331 Cherokee Street, Room 402, Denver, CO 80204.

Congratulations to Detective Mike O'Neill, Jr., Detective Joey Perez and Detective Jay Lopez for their astounding actions.

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