Denver Police Department Conduct Review Office established

Denver Police Department Conduct Review Office established

On April 11, 2012 Denver Police Chief Robert C. White issued the following letter to the Denver Police Officers and Career Service Employees.

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Commander Michael Battista to lead the department’s Conduct Review Office. This office has been created to enhance and improve the disciplinary process in several key areas including:

• Implementation of fair and equitable disciplinary processes that will benefit officers and the community through a centralized case review system. Internal Affairs cases will no longer be sent out to district and bureau Commanders for review, but processed in one office.
• The centralized review process is designed to establish consistency in discipline and to rebuild trust in the community that the department and our officers are held accountable.
• Enhance the timeliness of investigations.

The Conduct Review Office will be staffed by Commander Battista and handpicked command level officers with extensive knowledge and experience in reviewing cases. Once cases are investigated by the Internal Affairs Bureau, they will be sent to the Conduct Review Office for findings and recommendations and then forwarded to the Chief. If the case is sustained, it will be sent to the Manager of Safety’s Office for final disposition.

This is a major change to the disciplinary review process that will benefit officers and the community through a more consistent and timely review of cases and, when the situation warrants, the application of discipline.

Download the document that outlines the Denver Police Department’s new Internal Affairs protocols, including the creation of the new Conduct Review Office.

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