Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival

The 12th annual Colorado Dragon Boat Festival 2012 is scheduled for Saturday, July 28th and Sunday, July 29th.  This year the event will be held over two days and the level of participation and number of families that come down to enjoy this summertime event has grown tremendously over the years.  With the increase of popularity there of course will be the additional amount of traffic associated with the number of attendees.  In anticipation of the 100,000 attendees, free air conditioned RTD shuttle bus service will be available every few minutes at Sports Authority at Mile High to the location of the event. Parking costs $5 per car - so carpool for the best deal.

There will be limited access or local traffic only into the neighboring streets and illegal parking in the neighborhoods will be strictly enforced.  All vehicles will be required to have an access pass to turn onto W. Byron Pl. All streets will be closed except to local traffic only, from Vrain east to Sheridan Blvd. and from W. Byron Place north to 26th.   It is also important to note that Edgewater will also be enforcing their two hour limit and will be ticketing and towing vehicles that exceed those limits.

We are strongly encouraging everyone that may want to come down to enjoy the festivities to utilize the shuttle service.  This will certainly cut down on the traffic congestion not only for the motorists but for the neighboring area as well.  Parking will be at an extreme minimum.  Feel free to view the listed website for more parking information at www.cdbf.org.

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