Door-to-door snow shovelers

Door-to-door snow shovelers

Denver Police is asking the community to be aware of anyone going door-to-door asking to be hired to shovel snow. Last winter, there were incidents in Denver where suspects were believed to be using their ruse to "case" locations in an effort to find homes where residents were away.

As a reminder, always use caution when considering hiring people who are unknown to you and especially those who travel "door-to door." This is not to say that all snow removal workers that travel door-to-door are criminals, only that residents should use caution and trust your instincts based on the circumstances.

As always, NEVER hesitate to call the Denver Police at 720-913-2000 or 911 (Emergency) to report suspicious circumstances.

Reminder: The City of Denver requires businesses to clear public walks of snow and ice 4 hours after snow has ended and residents are given 24 hours. If you, or a resident neighbor you know, are 60+ years-old and need assistance clearing walks please consider using the "Snow Buddy" program, a partnership between the City and County of Denver and Volunteers of America.

For more information on the service or to volunteer to help visit:

Posted on January 11, 2013 (Archive on April 15, 2013)
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