Denver DA Advisory: Curb painting scheme

Denver DA Advisory: Curb painting scheme

A flyer showing up in Denver neighborhoods is urging homeowners to have their home address painted on the curb, suggesting it is important for "public safety".  The suggestion is FALSE.

Contrary to popular belief and claims made in the flyer, emergency responders, including the fire department and paramedics, do not rely on painted addresses on curbs to locate or identify residences during emergencies. Home address numbers on curbs are simply not reliable as they are often obscured by bushes, parked cars, snow piles and other debris. Emergency responders will look for home address numbers located somewhere on the home itself.

In addition, curbs are considered a public right of way and any painting or other demarcation of curbs requires a permit in Denver.

What should you do? Decline offers to paint your house address on the curb. Rather than spending money on a service whose claim is not supported by emergency service providers and is not legal without a permit, Denver residents should takes steps to ensure that existing address numbers on their houses are clearly visible from the street.

Download Consumer Advisory.  Download flyer example.

Posted on March 15, 2013 (Archive on May 14, 2013)
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