Civilian Employee of the Month for September 2013 - Diana Ward

Civilian Employee of the Month for September 2013 - Diana Ward

Diana Ward joined the city workforce on December 12, 2011, at which time she was assigned to the Denver Police Records Section. Since then, she has become an integral part of that operation and has been called upon to design new forms for Records and eagerly takes on these tasks. With the help of her detail, Ms. Ward designed a new Auto Theft Log, which contains information that is needed during audits. In addition, Ms. Ward was asked to design a log for the new Unified Summons documents and completed this duty within one day. She had to make a few minor changes to it and was happy to accommodate that request. Her work ethic and call to duty demonstrates how much she loves the challenge of the work encompassed by the Records Section.

Ms. Ward sets a tremendous example, as she is excited to come to work and exudes a cheerful and friendly demeanor to all. She accepted the nomination of representing Detail Three during employee meetings, and makes sure that the entire detail gets highlights of every meeting. In short, her enthusiasm is contagious!

When assigned to the NCIC Auto Theft terminal, distributing Police Department mail, opening incoming requests, and ringing up the checks, Ms. Ward remains cheerful. She manages to complete all assignments on time, even with the interruptions that frequently occur. Ms. Ward seeks out the correct individual to speak with, when an answer is not readily available, and documents the answer for others in case the problem arises again. A major concern for her is that the Records Section always makes it a practice to provide prompt and accurate information in a professional manner.

During the short period of time Ms. Ward has been assigned to the Police Department, she has received numerous accolades from not only members of this department, but other law enforcement agencies, who have acknowledged her for her extraordinary assistance, tenacity, cheerful disposition, and conscientiousness with disseminating accurate information.

Most notably, Ms. Ward was asked to train a new hire. This was her first experience at training and she did an excellent job. She then agreed to train another new employee with only two days in between trainees. In each case, she displayed the skills, knowledge, patience, and motivation that all trainers should possess.

Ms. Ward has been instrumental in bringing the details in Records together by her positive, uplifting attitude. In addition, she has proven over and over again that she can be counted upon to maintain the highest standards of excellence in everything she does. Therefore, it is an honor to nominate Ms. Ward for Employee of the Month.

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