Civilian Employee of the Month for November 2013 - Marissa Quigley

Civilian Employee of the Month for November 2013 - Marissa Quigley

Marissa Quigley became a member of the Career Service Team on January 9, 2007, at which time she was assigned to the Denver Police Department’s Traffic Investigations Bureau. Since that time, Ms. Quigley has become an incredible asset to the Bureau, as her multi-task job encompasses a wide variety of duties. Of those duties, she is most noted for the numerous DUI cases she handles on a daily basis, while dealing with an excessive amount of phone calls; many of which are from individuals who are upset and irate. In addition, Ms. Quigley is known as someone who always avails herself to lend a helping hand and does so with confidence.

Recently, when one of the Bureau Detectives was out of the office conducting an investigation on a high profile case, it was necessary for him to frequently call the office for information from the case file that was on his desk. Ms. Quigley was extremely helpful with assisting the Detective in this regard. She also took the initiative to insure that there were other Detectives available to assist as well, and kept them informed as to who was being sent to the office for interviews, etc. Maintaining a smooth operation of the office is a skilled task that Ms. Quigley displays with a great deal of ease.

During her recent temporary leave, it was apparent that the Bureau needed Ms. Quigley back as soon as possible, as the office had become chaotic and was in total disarray. Upon her return, however, it did not take long for her to bring the office back to a highly functional environment of organization and harmony.

Ms. Quigley’s hard work and dedication to duty is exemplary, and it is with tremendous gratitude that the Denver Police Department honors her as the November Employee of the Month. Congratulations and thank you, Marissa!

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