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October 18, 2013 (2101 reads)
As the nights get cooler and thoughts turn to winterizing the home, con artists who pose as furnace inspectors start making an appearance. Dressed as utility company or city employees, they will often use scare tactics such as concerns about gas build-up, or fears about high carbon monoxide levels as a ploy to get inside your house... Read more
October 04, 2013 (1040 reads)
Bonnie Mountain is the Quality Assurance Manager for the Crime Laboratory, and was hired from IBM after 15 years of service there. She came to the Denver Police Department in 2004 as a volunteer, and has transitioned into her position in the Lab very well. Ms. Mountain is responsible for the Lab’s ISO Quality Management System and performs exceptionally in this role. She also takes her turn on the front desk to insure that the front entrance of the Laboratory facility is covered. Ms. Mountain possesses exemplary skills in computer programming, as well as science in general, and she is using her talents on a major research project involving DNA...Read More

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