Police District 1

1311 West 46th Ave
Denver, Colorado 80211

Email: 1.Dist@Denvergov.org
Phone: 720-913-0400 
Fax:  720-913-0560

District Commander Paul Pazen

Commander Paul Pazen brings six years of command level experience in District One and seventeen years of service with the Denver Police Department. Paul is a Denver resident and native. Commander Pazen now leads an outstanding team of Officers, Detectives & Supervisors in the same neighborhood he grew up in. Commander Pazen is committed to improving the quality of life for everyone who lives, works or plays in Northwest Denver... Read bio

Neighborhood Resources

To learn more about how to start a neighborhood watch program, visit our neighborhood crime prevention page.

The Denver Community Resource Officer Program provides community assistance on issues such as neighbor disputes, public nuisances, zoning issues, fraud and crime prevention, and other neighborhood concerns. Community Resource Officers (CROs) attend regular meetings with neighborhood organizations to provide training on issues pertaining to, but not limited to the Neighborhood Watch program, commercial and home security, gang awareness, crime prevention, and more.

Contact by Neighborhood
Regis, Berkeley, W Highland, Chaffee Park, Sunnyside or Highland

Officer Stephanie Meadows
(720) 913-0461

Sloan Lake, W Colfax, Villa Park, Jefferson Park or Sun Valley
Officer Michael Clark
(720) 913-0453

Is your peace of mind being challenged or disrupted by criminal activity in your neighborhood? Learn more about what you can do about public nuisances such as:
  • drug violations
  • gambling
  • sex offenses
  • weapon offenses
  • gang activity
  • noise offenses
  • disturbing the peace
Find a list of neighborhood organizations on a map in your area!
  • Have good locks on doors, screen doors, windows and window screens
  • Keep one of the pair locked at all times
  • NEVER under any circumstances let anyone know you are alone in the house
  • At night or if away, lower window shades, keep lights on in at least 2 locations
  • Going on vacation? Call your District Police Station and notify them
  • Suspend paper and mail deliveries when going out of town
  • Always lock your vehicle, even if it is in front of your home
  • Keep your house key and vehicle key separate
  • Always keep a copy of your vehicle registration, license number and VIN on you
  • Do not warm up your vehicle in the morning without you being in it
  • If you must leave valuables in your vehicle, place in the trunk or cover them
  • Approach your parked vehicle from the passenger side - this gives you the opportunity to observe under your vehicle while walking
  • Before entering your vehicle, look inside of your vehicle front and back area for suspicious circumstances

More information on crime prevention...

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Community Meetings & Events