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In partnership with the community, the Denver Police Department strives to operate a police agency focused on preventing crime in a respectful manner, demonstrating that everyone matters.

Latest News & Alerts

Sep 17, 2014

Today the Denver Police Department announced a new program that partners with local auto body repair shops to help solve hit and run accidents. The program, named the Denver Auto Body Alert, establishes two-way communication between police and local auto body businesses. DPD’s Traffic Investigations Unit is aware that hit and run criminals typically bring their vehicles to repair shops to fix damages from the hit and runs. Therefore, DPD has partnered with several auto body repair shops to enhance investigations when hit and run accidents occur.

Aug 18, 2014

The Denver Police Explorer program will be hosting its annual Open House in conjunction with an open application process for new Explorers. The open house will be at the Denver Police Academy, 2155 N Akron Way, Denver on Wednesday Aug. 20th  from  1800-1930 hrs and is open to all who are interested.  The event will consist of a classroom presentation, demonstrations and a quick tour of the areas we use at the academy. Denver Police Explorer Post-83 is one of the most active in the state for the training and community service that we do. As we increase our numbers, we anticipate reaching approximately 50 Explorers by the end of the year. Download the flyer.

May 12, 2014

Please join us at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Archival Preservation Center of the Denver Police Law Enforcement Museum on May 15, 2004 in the Art Dill Auditorium at the Denver Police Administration Building, 1331 Cherokee Street. There will be an open house of the Archival Preservation Center 8:00 - 9:50 a.m. The Grand Opening Ceremony will be from 9:50-10:45 a.m. in the Art Dill Auditorium. Seating is limited. Register at and enter event code: DPM or call 720-913-6779. Join us at 11:00 a.m. on the Denver Police Administration Building Plaza for the Fallen Officer Memorial Ceremony.

Online Services

Most tickets are eligible for online payment:

You may file a non-emergency police report using our secure, online reporting system for the types of crimes listed below:

  • Damaged property or vandalism
  • Identity theft
  • Lost or stolen check, credit cards, or ATM cards
  • Lost property
  • Theft or larceny
  • Theft or larceny from a vehicle
  • Vandalism to a vehicle

To report an emergency, dial 911.

You may report traffic accidents on the Colorado State Patrol website.

There are steps that you can take to minimize the possibility of your bicycle being stolen.

  • Always lock your bicycle to a solid object (fence post, designated bicycle lock location)
  • If you store your bicycle in a shed or garage, ensure that the doors are secured

If your bicycle is stolen, you can increase your chance of recovery by keeping the serial number and bicycle description in a safe place. Providing this information to a reporting officer will allow unique information to be included in the criminal report.If you are a resident in the state of Colorado, you can register your bicycle with the Denver Police Department. The registration process asks for specific information about you and the bicycle. The information is available to street officers and can be used to quickly identify the owner of a bicycle.

Search the Colorado Sex Offender Registry for information about Denver registered sex offenders in your area.

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