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Main Office

Wellington Webb Municipal Building

201 West Colfax Avenue, Department 304

Denver, CO 80202

Main Office Phone: (720) 913-8100

Fax (720) 913-8101


You may visit our offices from 8:00 AM through 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, holidays excluded, 201 West Colfax Avenue, Dept 304, Denver, CO 80202. Appointments are required if you need to speak with a buyer.


Jim McIntyre

Director of Purchasing

(720) 913-8121



James Whiteman

Deputy Director

(720) 913-8119


Deputy Director, Oversight of Daily Operations; Special Projects, Leasing and Emergency Preparedness.

Small/Disadvantaged Business Coordinator


Tenlee Shoffstall

Buyer Supervisor

(720) 913-8111


Buyer For: City Trash Services, and Request for Proposals for Services.

Green Products Coordinator


Roger Celius CPM, CPIM

Buyer Supervisor

(720) 913-8116


Buyer For: Building Trades                    


Kris Deutmeyer

Senior Buyer

(720) 913-8247


Administrator of the City's Surplus Property and Buyer For: Towing Services, Scrap Disposal, Snack and Beverage Vending, Recycling and Moving Services.


Kenton Janzen

Senior Buyer

(303) 342-2183 DIA office

(720) 913-8117


Fax (303) 342-2171 DIA

Buyer For: Concrete Repair, Denver International Airport Related Procurements, Emergency Services, Facilities Management related procurements, Gates and Fencing, Janitorial Services, Paint Products, Plumbing Components, Snow Removal


Michael Romero

Senior Buyer

(720) 913-8122


Buyer For: Auctioneering Services, Automotive Parts and Supplies, Heavy Equipment and Parts, Security Guard Services, Sewer Equipment Parts, Snow Equipment Parts, Truck Engine, Vehicles

Small Business Liaison                


Jessica Skibo

Senior Buyer

(720) 913-8110


Buyer For: Clothing, Hazmat Related Products and Emergency Management Procurements, Police & Fire Equipment, Police & Fire Services & Supplies, Police & Fire Uniforms, Textiles, Uniform Procurements (including uniform rental)


Melissa Bordwine

Senior Buyer

(720) 913-8114


Buyer For: Athletic and Aquatic Equipment and general commodities for Parks and Recreational related procurements, Environmentally Friendly Procurements, Janitorial Products, Parks and Recreation Procurements, Printing, Signage, Trees, Wireless Services


Joe Saporito

Senior Buyer

(720) 913-8118


Buyer For: Copiers, Electrical Parts and Supplies, Electronic Recycling Services and Computer/Server Maintenance, Elevator and Escalator Maintenance, Industrial Supplies, Office Supplies, Recycling Electronics, Technology Procurements, Toner Cartridges


Lindsey Dunn

Associate Buyer

(720) 913-8154


Buyer For: Ammunition, City wide Rental Equipment, Clothing, Food, general commodities for Food and Safety related procurements, Hazmat Removal, Laboratory and Medical Supplies, Pest Control, Police Armor, Safety Supplies


John Davies, CPPB

Associate Buyer

(720) 913-8151


Buyer For: Election related procurements, general commodities for Technology procurements, Portable Toilets, Technology Procurements


Curtis Subia, CPPB

Associate Buyer

(720) 913-8152


Buyer For: Arts & Venues related procurements, Asphalt, Automotive Parts and Supplies, Concrete, Denver International Airport Related Procurements, Fuel, general commodities for Vehicles, Petroleum Products, Public Works related procurements


Megan DeGrood

Associate Buyer

(720) 913-8157


Buyer For: Clothing for DIA, Denver International Airport Related Procurements, Fire Extinguishers, general commodities for Airport related procurements, general commodities for Wastewater related procurements, Promotional Items, Traffic Signals.


Christopher Vanderbilt

Associate Buyer

(720) 913-8156


Buyer For: Athletic and Aquatic Equipment and general commodities for Parks and Recreational related procurement, Fertilizer, HVAC, Lawn & Turf Equipment and Parts, Parks and Recreation Procurements, Playground Equipment


Thomas Castillo

Staff Buyer

(720) 913-8109


Buyer For: Agricultural Chemicals, Automotive Parts and Supplies, General Commodities, Tires

Richard Sutton

Staff Buyer

(720) 913-8120


Buyer For: Advertising Services, General Commodities, Golf, Laboratory Gases, Lifts and Pumps