Division of Real Estate - About Us

About Us

We manage the City's real estate portfolio and more!
The Division of Real Estate provides real estate expertise and guidance to City agencies.  The Division of Real Estate team oversees the strategic analysis, planning and evaluation of the current real estate portfolio; acquires all right-of-way and easements for the City; grants licenses for use of City owned property; identifies and procures quality, cost effective work environments for City employees; determines the best short and long-term use of key City properties; coordinates the City’s leases; acquires and sells real estate; grants easements; and coordinates logistics of moves.

The Division of Real Estate team includes specialists in leasing, right-of-way acquisition, easements, asset management, master planning, sale of City owned land and real estate development.   This team manages the City’s real estate portfolio to ensure cost effective and suitable work environments for City employees, to maximize service delivery and return on investment.

Strategic Real Estate Group
Jeffrey Steinberg, previous director of Facilities Planning and Management, leads the Strategic Real Estate Group, which includes real estate asset managers Steve Wirth, Lisa Lumley, Joe Margoshes, and space planner, management analyst Kasha Przywitowski.   The Strategic Real Estate Group works closely with every City agency to meet their real estate needs.

Mission Statement

To provide cost-effective management of the City’s real estate portfolio, perform real estate services for all City agencies, create ideal working environments for City employees, and proactively meet the City’s short and long-term real estate needs.