# of Members: 11 Members
3 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

Julie Underdahl, 06/30/15
Shannon Gifford, 06/30/15
Frank Schultz, 06/30/15
Susan Pearce, 06/30/15

Andy Baldyga, 06/30/16

James Bershof, 06/30/16

Brittany Morris, 6/30/16

Arleen Taniwaki, 06/30/17

Joel Noble, 06/30/17

Christopher Smith, 06/30/17

Renee Martinez-Stone, 06/30/17


Function: The board is responsible for giving general supervision of the policies of the Planning Office, recommend essential amendments to a comprehensive plan for the orderly growth and harmonious development of the City and the metropolitan area.

Qualifications: None

First and third Wednesday of every month, 3–5 p.m., Webb Building 4th floor room 4.F.6 or 4.G.2

 Tina Axelrad, 720-865-2937, or email:   

For more information please visit the Planning Board website.

Enabling Authorization: Ordinance 1933 (Revised Municipal Code, Chapter 41-30)