Housing Plan Task Force


# of Members: 40 Members
Terms: POM
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

Peter Chapman
Amber Callender
Molly Urbina
Jacky Morales-Ferrand
Christopher Smith
Cec Ortiz
Pat Coyle
Councilwoman Elbra Wedgeworth
Councilman Doug Linkhart
Cris White
Preston Prince
Bill Lunsford
Sal Carpio
Sarah Hughes
Marie Bassett
Laura Aldrete
John Dibella
Catherine Marinelli
Bill Elfenbein
Rick Padilla
Megan Forristall
Tony Hernandez
Marvin Kelly
Derek Camunez
Kate Peterson
John McCormick
Chalonie Craighead
Gene Myers
Karen Lado
Brent Zboyosvski
Mike Kromrey
Len McBroom
Blue Eagle
Susan Powers
Chuch Shannon
Leslie Moody
Claudie D. Minor, Jr.
Lydia Ricketson
Trail Daugherty
Chris Parr


The task force is responsible for defining housing priorities, aligning the allocation of available city resources for housing, identifying revisions to existing city policy and/or modifications of city organizational structure and processes, and defining the starting point for a regional dialogue around housing needs.

Qualifications: None

First Thursday of each month.

Stephanie Inderwiesen, (720)913-1546, stephanie.inderwiesen@ci.denver.co.us

Enabling Authority:
Mayor's Office