Plan Review Services

Listed below find our services including street and alley vacations, easement relinquishments and major encumbrance permits.
Requirements on obtaining address assignment cards and the address request form.

An Easement Relinquishment is the process of relieving a parcel of land of a specific easement.

Major Encumbrance Permit (MEP) is the process by which the City determines whether to allow a significant item, or items, to encroach in the public right-of-way.

The Department of Public Works  no longer issues Minor Encumbrance Type B permits. The encumbrance types that were issued as a Type B permit may now need:

1.   Permanent encumbrance: Type A Permit

2.   Minor Encumbrances. Please review the Rules & Regulations: For Minor Encumbrances Allowed in the Right-of-Way  -  Permits may be required depending on the encumbrances described in the document.

3.  Permit for Street Furniture, Tables, Chairs & Railings

Submittal requirements for applications to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) for modification/creation of crossings to existing rail lines within the City and County of Denver.
Street and Alley Vacations - Policy Statement - (to be taken from this public system and returned to a private property status.)

Key issues related to renaming a street, whether a honorary or official street renaming.

Plan requirements*
*The August 2011 Utility Plan Review process has been revised as of 08-15-2013.  The new 8-15-2013 entrance requirements shall be enforced for all Utility Plan Review submittals made after 9-1-2013

Electronic Review

Capital Projects Engineering Plan Review oversees plans for construction in the public right of way for public projects only.

Visit Denver Development Services for private project plan review.