Manuals and Regulations for Transportation

Transportation Standards and Details*

5.0 Index of Standard Drawings
5.1 Legend
5.2a Curb & Gutter and Sidewalk
5.2b Curb & Gutter and Sidewalk
5.3a Typical Curb & Gutter Sections
5.3b Typical Curb & Gutter Sections
5.4 Curb & Gutter and Sidewalk Joint Details
5.5 Concrete Gutter Overlay
6.0 Standard Residential Curb Cut
6.1 Standard Commercial & Multi-Family Curb Cut
6.2 Curb Cut Cross-sections
6.3 Corner Clearances & Minimum Distances between Access Points
7.0a Curb Ramp Notes & Typical Section
7.0b Curb Ramp Notes & Typical Section
7.0c Curb Ramp Notes & Typical Section
7.1 Curb Ramp Type 1
7.2 Curb Ramp Type 2
7.3 Curb Ramp Type 3
7.4 Curb Ramp Type 4
7.5 Downtown Signalized Corner Blended Transitions
7.6a Curb Ramp Truncated Dome Placement Options
7.6b Curb Ramp Truncated Dome Placement Options
7.7 Typical Sidewalk Transition to Direction Curb Ramp
7.8 Signal Equipment Clear Zone
8.0 Intersection Valley Gutter
9.0 Sidewalk Chase Drain and Tread Plate
9.1a Typical Concrete Bus Pullout
9.1b Typical Concrete Bus Pad
10.0 Typical Alley Layout
10.1 Alley Cut (With Attached Sidewalk)
10.2a Alley Cut (With Detached Sidewalk)
10.2b Alley Cut (With Detached Sidewalk) Historic District
10.3 Typical Alley Cross-section
10.4 Alley Curb Head
11.0 Typical Concrete Pavement Joint Layout
11.1a General Notes for Concrete Pavement and Pavement Joints
11.1b General Notes for Concrete Pavement and Pavement Joints
11.2a Concrete Expansion and Sawed Transverse Contraction Pavment Joints
11.2b Sawed Longitudinal Contraction and Construction Joints
11.3 Concrete Pavement Joint Sealant
11.4 Concrete Pavement Miscellaneous Details
11.5a Concrete Pavement Jointing at New Manholes and All Inlets
11.5b Concrete Pavement Jointing at Existing Manholes
12.0 Asphalt Patch
12.1 Trench Patch (Gravel or Landscape Materials)
12.2 Trench Patch (Asphalt Materials)
12.3a Trench Patch (Concrete)
12.3b Concrete Panel Replacement at Trench or Street
12.4 Trench Material Requirements
12.5a Typical Asphalt Detail
12.5b Typical Asphalt Detail Lift Thickness Criteria
12.6 Typical Asphalt Detail Mix Design Criteria
13.0 Tree Grate
14.0 Standard Cul-De-Sac

Approved Materials

The links below provide information about various materials that are pre-approved for use in the Right of Way. 

For questions contact:
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Manuals and Regulations for Wastewater

See Wastewater Management for specifications, details, technical criteria, and master plans related to storm, sanitary, and erosion control.