Engineering, Regulatory, Analytics (ERA) provides programmatic oversight on all capital and bond-related projects in the City and County of Denver. In addition, ERA is responsible for performing regulatory plan review and approvals for all proposed design and construction activities that are planned to occur in the City's right-of-way.

ERA is comprised of the following divisions:

Capital Projects Engineering Review: Professionally licensed engineering staff performs technical and regulatory review of internal and external agency capital projects within the public right-of-way. Review disciplines include Transportation, Wastewater, Materials Engineering, Floodplain Management, and Erosion Control.

Business Unit: The ERA Business Unit ensures that accurate financial and schedule information is maintained for City Capital Projects, reportable to both City Project Managers and the Manager of Public Works. The Business Unit also has financial oversight in monitoring and recommending procurement on City Capital Projects.

City Facility As-Builts: ERA is the steward of all printed and electronic records of City owned & managed facilities. The page linked here contains instructions on how to submit City facility as-built documents or request digital copies of any as-built document record.

Capital Projects Coordination: ERA collects information for Capital, external agency, and utility company projects planned within the public right-of-way. Project location and scope information is managed on a series of Citywide maps, available at the link provided here. This exceptional resource provides useful project coordination information for any and all projects proposed within the City & County of Denver.

Electronic Review

Capital Projects Engineering Plan Review oversees plans for construction in the public right of way for public projects only.

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